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What Causes Windows Errors?

When a windows error message occurs, it can irritate us for the delay of our work. You cannot avoid this to happen in any computer.

There is some problem in the operating system of Microsoft. When this message occurs, it warns us to make a possible repair. There might be problem with the device drivers or malfunctioning of the computer hardware. Usually if this error happens, you can send error report through the Windows Error Reporting (WER) and be able to solve some windows problem in the future.  

To make a repair, we have to decipher error codes in order to locate the specific area that malfunction. Deciphering error codes enables us to repair by locating the problem because if the operating system is working, you cannot diagnose the problem.

You might suspect that the software has a problem of the error, but you can’t exclude the possibility of RAM malfunction, overheat CPU, and hard drive damaged. Your computer hardware can cause the error if it is occurring in several programs. Supposedly, you can avoid this error problem if only you have a regular Disc Cleanup maintenance. Unnecessary files such as temporary data should be deleted every time you open or before you shut off your computer to avoid Windows error.

Malicious program can cause also damage in the operating system. You better have anti-malware program or download repair Windows problem software to repair the registry and dll issues.

You can try the BIOS-related (Basic Input Output System) by updating it using the CD from your motherboard manufacturer. Try also changing the default settings to repair Windows error.

Windows error may also occur if your driver is obsolete, incompatible and outdated drivers. You may update the driver by downloading update tool. If this problem persist, you can ask help form the Microsoft technical support or try to ask the assistance from a computer technician to solve this issue.


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