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Tips to Repair Windows 7

If you are using windows 7 then there are plenty of options to repair your operating system. You do not have to panic in case of any problems. It’s very common to face all types of problems when you are using a computer with internet access to it. Always you need to remember one thing that for any problems there is always a solution to it.

Let us know about the tips to repair windows 7

There are plenty of ways to repair windows 7 operating system. One of the most advanced modes of repair is to make use of the windows 7 DVD and repair the complete operating system. Here is step by step information on how to carry out the repair windows 7 with the help of operating system DVD.

  • First of all, before you start the repair you need to make sure that you have windows7 installing DVD that is bootable or you can permission to access boot in windows 7. Once you confirm that everything else is easy.
  • Start up the computer and insert the bootable windows 7 DVD into the system CD/DVD tray and use choose Boot from DVD or if you don’t have the windows 7 DVD then you can make use of Windows RE.
  • To use windows RE follow this procedure, whilst the system is on start up go to advanced startup menu by hitting F8 key repeatedly. Within few seconds you will be redirected to advanced startup menu.
  • In advanced startup menu you need to choose the repair option. In most cases the repair options is presented to you by computer itself. Once selected, the Windows RE will be triggered to repair windows 7.
  • After the repair procedure is initiated you can choose the type of language for windows 7 repairing.
  • You will be asked for the selection of admin account so that it can perform the repair windows 7 procedure precisely with complete access and preferences.
  • Later a window will pop up showing the message about the choices to recovery your files.
  • Once you choose the recovery option the important files will be recovered and repair would be completed successfully with a pop up message.

There are different types of recovery options available in repair windows 7. The impact of each of them will be different while repairing windows 7. Some of these options include: startup repair, system restore, windows 7 image recovery, windows 7 memory diagnostic, windows 7 command prompt.



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